Lockdown Travel Diary, Poetry

Lockdown Travel Diary: A Note

These short poems were written between March and May 2020, while the UK was under ‘Lockdown’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an NHS worker without any medical conditions that would label me as ‘at risk’, I continued my normal working pattern. However, life around me adapted to new, evolving conditions and this diary of poems reflects that. A common sentiment expressed was (and for many still is at the time of writing, for we are not officially free of Lockdown) that the days become indistinguishable when most of the population remains at home with a paired-down routine to set themselves to, so there are no dates attached to these poems; they are numbered to show the order they were written in. 

Written while on my daily commute, these poems are concerned with what I’ve seen while walking or riding the bus. I see them as sketches, much like an artist will have a sketchbook in their pocket for capturing observations and forms to keep themselves active between working on larger creations.  

By sharing these poems, I hope that you feel a connection with them, or the moments they depict.

Stay safe,

Alyssia MacAlister

Brighton, UK

23rd May 2020

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